Nissan Parts & service in Brossard

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    Whether you want to accessorize your Nissan, purchase essential parts or schedule a tune up, our service & parts professionals are ready to help you out.


    Our dealership is participating in the  Express Service dealers and we will complete your oil and filter change in 30 minutes or less from the moment your vehicle is driven into the service bay.

    We’re committed to ensuring your Nissan remains a pleasure to drive and performs at optimum capacity.

    Have questions or concerns? Contact our friendly knowledgeable staff during our business hours to get the answers you need.

    We’re students of History-- Yours!

    Would you trust a doctor who didn’t review your past medical records? Of course not. That’s why we maintain a complete vehicle history of all work that is done here on your vehicle. So you can be confident that all warranty claims have full documentation, and that your service records are up to date at any time. Bonus: vehicles with a complete service history usually command more value at trade-in time!